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Monday, December 23, 2013

Former Cub Tony LaRussa Inducted into Baseball's Hall of Fame

Most people know Tony LaRussa as a Major League manager.  It is also widely known that he got his law degree, anticipating that his life in baseball was to be short-lived.

What is not as well-known is Tony LaRussa as a Chicago Cub.  LaRussa made his major league debut as an 18 year old in 1963 with the then Kansas City Athletics.  He played second base and hit .250 in 53 plate appearances.  He showed a keen eye and posted an on base percentage nearly one hundred points higher at .346.  It took LaRussa another four seasons, however, to work his way back to the major league club, appearing in 13 games for the Oakland Athletics from 1968-1969. 

In 1970, Tony LaRussa was able to crack the lineup more regularly, appearing in 52 games and hitting .198 in 123 plate appearances.  He again showed a good eye, posting an on base percentage over one hundred points higher at .301.  After going hitless in 8 at bats for the 1971 A’s, LaRussa’s contract was purchased by Atlanta, where he hit a robust .286 and had a sparkling .375 on base average in all of 8 plate appearances with the Braves.  

LaRussa played in the Braves’ system in 1972 but did not make an appearance with the big club in Atlanta that season.  On October 20, 1972 the Braves traded him to the Chicago Cubs in exchange for right-handed pitcher Tom Phoebus, who had gone 3-3 with 6 saves and a 3.78 ERA in 37 appearances with the Cubs.

In 1973, LaRussa made the team out of spring training and was on the bench for the April 6th contest as the Expos faced the Cubs in front of 40,273 at Wrigley Field.  The Expos struck first, scoring 2 runs off of Fergie Jenkins in the top of the 1st inning.  The Cubs scored a run in the bottom of the 1st off of Mike Torrez and the score remained 2-1 as the Cubs came to bat in the bottom of the 9th. 

Cubs first baseman Joe Pepitone led off the 9th inning with a single to centerfield, despite a five-man infield, and Cleo James was called to run for him.  Ron Santo then reached on an error on a ball hit to Expos second baseman Ron Hunt.  Cubs manager Whitey Lockman turned to LaRussa and pointed a finger in his direction.  “Run for Santo” was all he said.  Tony LaRussa grabbed his helmet and trotted out to first base to spell Santo.

Glenn Beckert drew a base on balls and the Cubs were in business with the bases loaded and nobody out.  Randy Hundley walked and Jones scored to tie the game at 2-2.  But Don Kessinger promptly fouled out and Jim Hickman followed with a strikeout. 

The Cubs were down to their final out as Rick Monday came to the plate, hoping to break the tie and avoid extra innings.  Tony LaRussa danced off of third.  Monday worked the count against fireballer Mike Marshall and eventually coaxed a walk.  LaRussa jogged home and triumphantly stomped on home plate, having scored the winning run in his Cubs debut!

And there you have the entirety of Tony LaRussa’s career with the Cubs.  He never appeared in another major league game for the Cubs after he scored the winning run on Opening Day, 1973.  LaRussa was sent down to the Cubs’ AA affiliate in Wichita and put together a nice season, hitting .314/.403./.393 with 5 home runs and 75 RBIs in 106 games for the Aeros.

After another four seasons in the minors, LaRussa retired as a player at the end of the 1977 season, never having reached the major leagues again.  The very next year, he was hired to manage the White Sox AA team in Knoxville.  By August, 1979 he was called upon to manage the Chicago White Sox when his 1973 Cubs teammate Don Kessinger resigned from the post. 

LaRussa managed consecutively in the major leagues through his retirement in 2011.  He is just one of four men listed on the Cubs all-time roster as a pinch runner and only one of two, the other being Mel Kerr, to have scored a run in his only pinch running appearance.

He finished his managerial career third on the all-time list with 2851 wins and led the 1989 A’s and 2006 and 2011 Cardinals to World Series titles.  He is now a Hall of Famer, inducted with fellow managers Bobby Cox and Joe Torre

Convention Passes have Shipped

2014 Cubs Convention Pass
Celebrating 100 years of futility at the best place on earth to watch baseball.  

I love you Wrigley Field but I don't have much hope that the 2014 Cubs are going to terribly competitive.  

See you at the Convention!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ultimate Chicago Cubs Name Scramble Fun

The list below is of Cubs old and new, Hall of Famers, MVPs, Cy Young Award Winners, Rookie of the Year recipients, managers, fan favorites and a few obscure.

How many can you get?

  1. Tire Ink Racer (MGR)
  2. I Wily Slim Ball (OF)
  3. Beginner Threw For (P)
  4. Knees Brain (INF)
  5. Angry Benders (INF)
  6. Robbery in Bed (OF)
  7. Ya Moms Ass (OF)
  8. Hates Gym Wart (OF)
  9. Lent Berg Neck (INF)
  10. Frankly He Trows (P)
  11. Can Start Rolls (INF)
  12. Zany Thin Orzo (INF)
  13. Max Drugged (P)
  14. So Abnormal Czar (P)
  15. Rubble Clink (INF)
  16. Broil My Handler (C)
  17. Gave Mankind (OF)
  18. True Rest Cub (P)
  19. Yak And Fop (OF)
  20. A Demon Hurl (INF)
  21. Issue A Loom (OF)
  22. One Cry (INF)
  23. Rubbery Comb (OF)
  24. Truest Vote (P)
  25. Crueler Hicks (P)
  26. Keg Car Ram (INF)
  27. Onward Sedan (OF)
  28. Radar Smoke (INF/OF)
  29. Refine Kens Jig (P)
  30. Bad Turkeys (MGR)
  31. Barnyard Wine (INF)
  32. I Luff Crickets (P)
  33. Elm Heist (P)
  34. Not Sonar (INF)
  35. Bedrock (P)
  36. A Sick Error (INF)
  37. Husk Arena (OF)
  38. Blur Cook (OF)
  39. Amazed Jiff Jars (P)
  40. Onto Voyages (C)
  41. Roof Onion Salsa (OF)
  42. Yo Red Work (P)
  43. A Trendy Sperm (P)
  44. Reek Elder (INF)
  45. La Lineup Oil (MGR)
  46. Marina Oar Crap Rag (INF)
  47. Arwy Labor (INF)
  48. Real Women Jot (OF)
  49. Splat A Pimp (P)
  50. No Hast Sundown (INF)
  51. Attorney Corpse (OF)
  52. Let Idyll (P)
  53. Lawn Cave (INF)
  54. Damn All Rosin (OF)
  55. Drench Hair (P)
  56. Ragtag Yeti (INF)
  57. Endorses King (INF)
  58. Many Taco Nap (OF)
  59. Scanners To Dots (P)
  60. Bear For Toy (C)

Monday, December 2, 2013

Derrek Lee confirmed for 2014 Cubs Convention

The Cubs have announced that the former Gold Glove first baseman and 2005 batting champion will make his first Cubs Convention appearance since 2010.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Details Regarding the 100th Anniversary of Wrigley Field to be Revealed at the Cubs Convention

As you may know, Wrigley Field was originally named Weeghman Park.  It was built by Charles Weeghman in 1914 to house the upstart Federal League's Chicago ball club.  The project was started in February, 1914 and was completed in time for the Chi-Feds home opener at a cost of $250,000 (approximately $5.8 million today.)

Following litigation that resulted in a settlement by the National and American Leagues to the Federal League in exchange for the Federal League’ disbandment, Weeghman bought the Chicago Cubs and merged the team with his former Chicago Whales ball club by buying the contracts of several former Whales players, including: Mordecai Brown, Claude Hendrix, Joe Tinker and Dutch Zwilling. 

He thereafter moved the newly formulated Cubs to Weeghman Park from the West Side Grounds; therefore, the first year that the Cubs actually played at the ballpark we now know as Wrigley Field was in 1916.  Regardless, the Cubs have announced a year-long celebration of Wrigley Field’s 100th anniversary that will kickoff at the 2014 Cubs Convention.

According to the Cubs, they will have themed games with throwback uniforms, bobblehead giveaways and even food choices from the given decade.  Hopefully the 1970s game will feature a Buckner bobblehead and and the return of Oscar Mayer Smokie Links!

Additionally, the Cubs will unveil at the Convention the decade specific children’s toys that will be given away throughout the season at Sunday afternoon games.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Share Your Thoughts at the Cubs Convention Forum

The Cubs Convention Forum is the place to share your thoughts, ask questions and discuss both the Cubs Convention and the Cubs in general.

To register for the forum click here.  It will only take you a couple of seconds.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

2014 Cubs Convention Weekend Passes On Sale Now

Click here to get your weekend passes for the 2014 Cubs Convention.  Passes are $60 each (before convenience charges) and up to 4 can be purchased in a single transaction.

Passes will be mailed by the Cubs in mid-December.

Friday, September 20, 2013

What to Expect at the Cubs Convention

If you have never been to a Cubs Convention, here are a few tips that will hopefully make your experience more pleasant:

What to Expect


There will be a lot of people at the Convention. Friday is relatively crowded, Saturday is the most crowded and Sunday is much less crowded. Attendance fluctuates from year to year and is directly related to how well the Cubs did the previous season.  Expect thousands more people to attend if the Cubs made the playoffs.  Expect fewer folks when the Cubs finish at the bottom of the division. Expect a record crowd in 2017 as the Cubs celebrate the World Series championship with the fans.

Sheraton Lobby
Registration and Entry

Cubs Convention calendar given at registration
On Friday you can register as early as noon.  At registration (located down the hallway to the left in the above lobby photo), you will get your weekend pass (if you are staying at the hotel), Convention program, special Cubs Convention calendar, pull tab card for the chance to win a autograph opportunity and probably some advertisements.  

This is what you want to see when you open your pull tab card
On Friday, the convention halls open at 2:00 p.m. On Saturday, the doors open at 9:00 a.m.   On Sunday, the doors open at 9:00 a.m. and activities wrap up at noon.

Be prepared that the lines for entry to the autograph halls on Level 1 and ballrooms on Level 4 begin very early, with people starting to line up well before 6:00 a.m. 


All of the convention halls and ballrooms are stacked vertically on four levels and are easily accessible by escalator and elevator.

Floor Directory


Billy Williams Strolls the Vendor Hall Before a Signing Session
Plan to wait in long lines for autographs, photographs, to get into the convention hall in the morning, for food and just about everything else.

Wear comfortable shoes. Bring a bag or backpack to carry your stuff. As long as you have your Convention pass around your neck, the ushers at the doors will not hassle you or ask to search your bag.

Feel free to bring in your own snacks and drinks if you are looking to avoid the lines and cost. The hotel offers grab and go type breakfast and lunch items at insane prices.  For example, the hotel was charging $5.00 for a can of pop at last year's event.

Meeting Some Cool People

Considering that there are several opportunities to wait in line or sit in a seminar during the convention, you will have ample opportunity to meet the people around you. It is a good idea to introduce yourself to them, not only to be friendly, but so you can impose on them to hold your place in line if you need to run to the restroom or to grab a sip of water. Plus, I always like to see what other people collect and want to have autographed. Potential Facebook friends abound!

Seeing Some Weird People

The Cubs Convention is one of the single most kick-ass opportunities to see a bunch of Cubs crazies. If you are into people watching, this event is a bonanza.

Poor Cell Phone Reception

In some reaches of the convention halls at the Sheraton, cell phone reception can be spotty or non-existent so you may find it necessary to stand near the lobby windows that overlook the Chicago River to make calls or check voicemail.  Texting usually seems to work okay, however.

Autograph Opportunities

When you register and get your pass, the program will contain a schedule of player appearances on various autograph and photo stages.

In order to get into the main autograph hall, you will want to line up outside in the lobby at least an hour or more before the player's scheduled start time to have the best chance to get to meet him. Also, make sure that you ask the folks in front of you which line they are in because there might be several lines that have been started to wait for different players.

Additionally, there are often autograph opportunities stages in the vendor hall at a sponsor's booth.

Comcast signing sessions 2016
In 2016, the Cubs used a system for getting autographs in which they counted off a predetermined number of people for each signing session and gave each person a voucher for the player's signature. Accordingly, you will know pretty quickly if you will be able to get an autograph from the player you would like to meet.  If you do not get a voucher, the staff may let you wait in line behind the voucher holders in the event there is enough time at the end of the signing session to accommodate more fans, although this is a crap-shoot.

These tickets are given out at the front of the line

You will not have to pay anything additional for autographs from the players signing on the autograph stages.  Keep in mind, however, that the players do not have any items at the table to sign for you so you will need to bring your item with you. If you don't have anything specific for the player to sign, the Convention Program is always a good choice.

Darwin Barney
Typically, current Cubs players living in the United States will be in attendance. Current players that reside in other countries during the offseason may or may not be there.

David Ross
The slate will also include a host of former players of varying popularity such as Hall of Famers Billy Williams and Fergie Jenkins and lesser known players like Gary Varsho and Tim Stoddard.

Matt Garza
Scheduled Autograph Sessions

The autograph session typically lasts an hour for each player.  Once that player is done, the next will come up and the line will start moving again. If you would like to get an autograph from a particular current or popular former player at his scheduled time, plan to get in line at least two hours before he is scheduled to begin signing – seriously – these players are mobbed and have the longest lines.  For example, people started lining up for Kyle Henrdick's late morning signing session at the 2015 Convention as soon as the doors opened at 9:00 a.m.  On the other hand, retired players of less notoriety may not have much of a line at all and you should be able to meet Steve Trout and Milt Pappas, for instance, without much wait time.

Mr. Cub
The players will only sign one autograph and will probably not pose for a photo with you although you can take a photo of the player for your scrapbook.

There is usually a kids-only autograph line so if you are taking anyone 16 years old or younger, they will have a nice opportunity to get current players’ autographs.  Expect this line to be long, too.

The schedule is posted at the entrance to the line for each autograph stage and throughout the Convention so look for one of the several signs like this:

Autograph Hunt Game

In the past, there was an “Autograph Hunt Game” on Friday evening. From 6:00 p.m. to 6:45 p.m. players/former players sign autographs at various “secret” locations throughout the convention floor. The locations were listed on a map that was handed out at the end of the Opening Ceremonies.

Javier Baez and Matt Szczur sign autographs at the Vine Line Booth
We had been very pleased over the years in being able to meet Ryne Sandberg, Fergie Jenkins, Ron Cey, Rod Beck and several others in the autograph hunt game on Friday night.  The autograph hunt then changed somewhat and no longer featured any high profile former players or any current players, giving way to former players and minor league prospects.

The format of the Autograph Hunt Game was changed in 2015 and five stages with (then) minor leaguers such as Addison Russell, Kyle Schwarber and Kris Bryant were the only autograph hunt locations.  The Cubs used the same format in 2016, offering Dan Vogelbach, Jeimer Candelario and Eric Jokisch, among others.

Gone is the multiple signing locations all over the hotel that made the game so much fun. Hopefully the Cubs will return to the old format for the upcoming Convention. 

Photo Stages

You can pay for a photo with the player on the photo stage and they will typically autograph the cardboard photo frame given to hold the picture.  The photos are printed while-you-wait, so you can take it with you. You can also get a picture with the player for free on your own camera, but that player may not give you an autograph. The player will typically not autograph items other than the generic cardboard photo frame; however, you may have some luck depending on the player and the security there. (For instance, Rick Sutcliffe was nice enough to sign a baseball card for me instead of the photo frame.)

Expect to wait in a long line for photos, too, and plan to get in line early (perhaps two hours or more) if you want a photo with a popular player.

Paid Autographs

Fergie Jenkins typically has a booth where he will sign autographs in exchange for a $20 donation to his charitable foundation. He has also lined up other players in the last few years that will sign for the same donation such as Lee Smith, Jay Johnstone, Dave Kingman, Bill Buckner, Jody Davis and Hall of Famers Rollie Fingers and Gaylord Perry. If you are willing to pay, the line is much shorter and the money goes to a good cause.

Rollie Fingers (seated) at the Fergie Jenkins Charity Booth
Random Opportunities

You can expect throngs of people hanging out in the lobby and near the elevators waiting for players to come through. This can be a great way to get autographs as long as you don’t mind standing around in a lobby waiting with no real guarantee you will see anyone.

Some of the players will hang out in the hotel bars and are cool about chatting and giving autographs. At the Hilton, we used to have exceptional luck getting autographs and chatting with former players at Kitty O'Shea's.  At the Sheraton lobby bar we have seen only Bob Dernier and Tim Stoddard hanging out in the lobby bar on Friday nights.   

Sometimes, you might ride in an elevator with a player or run into one randomly in the hallway, too.


The Cubs also put on a number of panel discussions, clinics and games that are free to attend.

For Kids Only Press Conference
For example, some of the past presentations have included: Meet the Owners, Meet Cubs Baseball Management, Cubs Jeopardy!, Baseball in the Dominican and the For Kids Only Press Conference. These are usually pretty interesting and are well-attended. As you may expect by now, get there early so you can get the best seat.

There are also skills clinics for kids presented by former players and coaches like batting cage instruction with Jody Davis, Keith Moreland, Randy Hundley, Jay Johnstone and Gary Matthews; and pitching instruction with Steve Trout, Scott Sanderson and Tim Stoddard.

There may be limited autograph opportunities following these presentations and clinics but there are no guarantees that the players will sign for anyone.

Miscellaneous Tips

Bring your own Sharpies, pens or other writing instruments so you will be prepared for any random autograph encounters.

If you need a specific type of fabric marker to get a jersey signed, a metallic marker for a helmet or wish to have a specific color, bring your own, just in case.

Keep your items organized. Consider putting baseball cards or photos in alphabetical order by name.

Sharpie will run on glossy cards so rub your thumb over the face of the card first to dull the gloss and to get a surface that will hold the signature better.

The Cubs will typically have official baseballs available at their booth. They also sell grab bags that are filled with mostly promotions crap from the previous season but they do sprinkle in some nice autographed items and ticket vouchers that might make the purchase worthwhile. They usually go very fast on Friday, however, so get there early.

Finally, have fun and don’t be a jerk.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Official Cubs Convention Player Appearance Wishlist

The Cubs have had a number of other players don the uniform that were MVPs, Cy Young Award winners, eventual Hall of Fame inductees, record setters and fan favorites for their play on the Cubs or other teams.

After speaking with countless Cubs Convention attendees over the years, the following list has been compiled of former players who have never appeared at a Cubs Convention, have appeared only once or have not been in quite some time that the fans would like to see:

Anyone you'd like to add?

  1. Alfonseca, Antonio
  2. Alou, Moises
  3. Altman, George Appeared at 2015 Convention
  4. Assenmacher, Paul
  5. Baker, Dusty
  6. Bell, George
  7. Bellhorn, Mark
  8. Bere, Jason
  9. Berryhill, Damon
  10. Blackwell, Tim
  11. Blanco, Henry
  12. Blauser, Jeff
  13. Bordi, Rich
  14. Brock, Lou
  15. Burnitz, Jeromy
  16. Campbell, Bill
  17. Caudill, Bill
  18. Coomer, Ron Appeared at 2014 Convention as radio announcer
  19. Cotto, Henry
  20. Cruz, Juan
  21. Daniels, Kal
  22. DeRosa, Mark Appeared at 2015 Convention
  23. Dunston, Shawon
  24. Eckersley, Dennis
  25. Edmonds, Jim
  26. Estes, Sean
  27. Floyd, Cliff
  28. Foote, Barry
  29. Fukudome, Kosuke
  30. Gaetti, Gary
  31. Garciaparra, Nomar
  32. Gossage, Goose
  33. Grace, Mark
  34. Greenberg, Adam
  35. Grudzielanek, Mark
  36. Hands, Bill
  37. Hassey, Ron
  38. Hatcher, Billy
  39. Henderson, Steve
  40. Hernandez, Jose
  41. Hernandez, Willie
  42. Holtzman, Ken
  43. Jackson, Darren
  44. Johnson, Cliff
  45. Johnson, Howard
  46. Jones, Jacque Appeared at 2015 Convention
  47. Karros, Eric
  48. Kendell, Jason
  49. Kilgus, Paul
  50. Krukow, Mike
  51. Lake, Steve
  52. Lamp, Dennis
  53. Lofton, Kenny
  54. Maddux, Greg
  55. Martinez, Dave Appeared at 2016 Convention
  56. McClendon, Lloyd
  57. McGriff, Fred
  58. Miller, Damian
  59. Morales, Jerry
  60. Mulholland, Terry
  61. Mumphrey, Jerry
  62. Myers, Randy
  63. Nevin, Phil
  64. Nye, Rich
  65. Palmiero, Rafael
  66. Pico, Jeff
  67. Pierre, Juan
  68. Piniella, Lou
  69. Proly, Mike
  70. Rainey, Chuck
  71. Ramirez, Aramis
  72. Reitz, Ken
  73. Remlinger, Mike Appeared at 2014 Convention
  74. Rohn, Dan
  75. Rusch, Glendon Appeared at 2015 Convention
  76. Ruthven, Dick
  77. Santiago, Benito
  78. Schiraldi, Calvin
  79. Simon, Randall
  80. Slocumb, Heathcliff
  81. Stairs, Matt
  82. Sutter, Bruce
  83. Thornton, Andre
  84. Tidrow, Dick
  85. Trillo, Manny
  86. Veryzer, Tom R.I.P
  87. Villanueva, Hector
  88. Webster, Mitch
  89. Wendell, Turk
  90. Williams, Mitch
  91. Wilson, Steve
  92. Wilson, Willie
  93. Woods, Gary R.I.P.
  94. Wynne, Marvel
  95. Young, Don
  96. Zeile, Todd

Monday, August 19, 2013

2014 Cubs Convention Returns to Sheraton Hotel and Towers

The 2014 Cubs Convention will again be held at the Chicago Sheraton Hotel and Towers located at 301 East North Water Street in Chicago on January 17, 18 and 19th. Room reservations can be made at (312) 464-1000. Who do you want to see this year?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Your Thoughts on the Cubs Convention

I would love to hear from you about your experiences at the Cubs Convention and any comments or suggestions on how to improve the Cubs Convention Insider.

Please visit the Cubs Convention Insider Forum or feel free to email me at cubsconvention@hotmail.com

Thanks and hope springs eternal - go Cubs!

Monday, January 21, 2013

2013 Autograph Report

As you should know by now, the Convention was moved to the Sheridan Chicago Hotel & Towers from its longtime home at the Chicago Hilton and Towers.  Overall, the change was a major improvement, especially considering how far the exhibition halls were from the various ballrooms at the Hilton.

Upon checking in, we were given this photo signed by Anthony Rizzo and Brett Jackson:

In years past, the exhibition halls opened at 3:00 p.m., so it was a nice change this year that they opened the doors a couple of hours earlier at 1:00 p.m.  We were able to walk around, buy a few items and most importantly - get the lay of the land to plan our autograph seeking strategy. 

There were even fewer vendors this year (an unfortunate trend) and nothing terribly new or exciting. 


The autograph hunt worked out well and we were able to get a number of autographs.  Also, for the first time in several years, the autograph hunt featured some current players and highly touted prospects. 

We lined up at the Sports Authority booth and met Josh Vitters:

Dave Sappelt was signing at the nearby stage:

We next found super prospects Javier Baez (L) and Matt Szczur (R) at the Vine Line booth:
Javier Baez as a member of the Peoria Chiefs

In the hallway outside, we met Jay Johnstone, Steve Trout:

and Glen Beckert, pictured here:

After the autograph hunt ended, we headed across the street to Lizzie McNeill's for our annual night with Guinness.  Tim Stoddard was the only Cub to make his way over.  We bothered him for a quick signature but there certainly was not the same vibe as in the prior years at Kitty O'Shea's where you were just about guaranteed to see handfuls of former players.


We were able to meet Jeff Fassero first thing Saturday morning.  Next, we got to meet Matt Garza, who says he is ready to get back throwing off a mound but denied he has been working on a knuckle slurve:
And new this year was a system where the first 150 people in each line were given a "voucher" that guaranteed your autograph opportunity for that player. 
They allowed anyone else in line not holding a voucher to then get an autograph as time allowed; however, as we waited for Matt Garza, newly acquired Scott Baker ended his hour-long session almost 10 minutes early because security would not allow anyone else to get in line. 

We next went up to the kids only question and answer session with David DeJesus, Anthony Rizzo, Darwin Barney, Brooks Raley and Chris Rusin.  As we were waiting, some of the minor leaguers from the previous session stuck around to sign some autographs.  We got Robert Whitenack on the program.

This was a highly entertaining session, my favorite question being from a 6-year old asking the players on the panel whether they liked beer. 

We next headed upstairs to the ballrooms so my kids could meet Tony Campana:


We got in line outside the ballrooms at about 7:30 a.m. with my kids hoping to get into the "Kids Only" line for Anthony Rizzo.  I wanted to meet Darwin Barney.  They opened the doors to the ballroom at about 8:30 a.m. and let us get into the respective queues.  We were all successful, my kids getting to meet Anthony Rizzo:
I was able to meet Gold Glove second baseman, Darwin Barney, who confirmed he has no intentions of becoming an actor but was just helping out a friend by appearing in Calvin Marshall and consulting on the baseball action:

We then headed back downstairs and were able to meet Jody Davis, who misses the competitiveness of his playing days, but mostly the paychecks!

  Milt Pappas:

We also met Bobby Dernier and Steve Trout (again).

Finally, we found Pat Hughes at his booth and chatted briefly.  After that we were on the way home after another fun-filled Convention.

Friday, January 11, 2013

The Cubs Want Their Stuff Back: New Chicago Cubs Archives Seeking Donations

Do you have any treasured Chicago Cubs memorabilia that is just taking up space at your home? A game-used Ernie Banks jersey? A pine tar-covered Ryne Sandberg bat? Hack Wilson’s shoe? Well, you are in luck! 

Cub fans now have a chance to rid themselves of their valuable Cubs items by giving them, gratis, to the Cubs for storage in the shadowy Chicago Cubs Archives. In fact, the Cubs are set to begin accepting items for donation at the 2013 Cubs Convention. 

Donors will have the distinct honor of having made a “founding donation” to the Archive; however, the Cubs have been very explicit that they will not be appraising any of the donated items nor will they be willing to pay for them.

Their initial wish list includes: photographs, jerseys, gloves, bats, balls, seating charts, employee uniforms, banners, flags, tickets and commemorative objects, such as bobbleheads and hats. 

Think of the prestige being a founding donor will be! I, for one, will sleep a little better knowing that my Todd Hundley keychain and circa 1987 giveaway Cubs hat with a gigantic Manwich logo plastered on it have finally been returned home.

2013 Cubs Convention Attendees

Here is the list of 2013 Cubs Convention attendees:

Current Players

Scott Baker
Darwin Barney
Michael Bowden
Shawn Camp
Tony Campana
Welington Castillo
Starlin Castro
Steve Clevenger
David DeJesus
Scott Feldman
Matt Garza
Brett Jackson
Edwin Jackson
Carlos Marmol
Dioner Navarro
Brooks Raley
Anthony Rizzo
Chris Rusin
James Russell
Jeff Samardzija
Dave Sappelt
Nate Schierholtz
Alfonso Soriano
Ian Stewart
Josh Vitters
Travis Wood

Minor League Players

Javier Baez
Dallas Beeler
Jae-Hoon Ha
Marcus Hatley
Barret Loux
Trey McNutt
Hector Rondon
Zac Rosscup
Nick Struck
Matt Szczur
Logan Watkins
Robert Whitenack
Tony Zych

Team Executives

Tom Ricketts
Laura Ricketts
Pete Ricketts
Todd Ricketts
Theo Epstein
Crane Kenney

Baseball Staff/Broadcasters

Jed Hoyer
Jason McLeod
Randy Bush
Shiraz Rehman
Joe Bohringer
Brandon Hyde

Dale Sveum
Dave McKay
Lester Strode
Rob Deer
Chris Bosio
Jamie Quirk
David Bell
James Rowson

Pat Hughes
Len Kasper
Jim Deshaies
Judd Sirott

Former Players

Ernie Banks
Glenn Beckert
Jose Cardenal
Jody Davis
Bob Dernier
Jeff Fassero
Randy Hundley
Fergie Jenkins
Jay Johnstone
Jon Lieber
Gary Matthews
Keith Moreland
Dave Otto
Milt Pappas
Scott Sanderson
Lee Smith
Tim Stoddard
Rick Sutcliffe
Steve Trout
Todd Walker
Kerry Wood
Billy Williams

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

We expect the Cubs to announce the attendees at the 2013 Cubs Convention any day now.  The only official list released to date includes: Alfonso Soriano, Matt Garza, Anthony Rizzo, Darwin Barney, Starlin Castro, Jeff Samardzija and David DeJesus. 

You should also expect to see the latest signings including Edwin Jackson, Scott Feldman, Scott Baker, along with a solid slate of retired players including Ernie Banks, Billy Williams, Fergie Jenkins, Bob Dernier, Milt Pappas, Steve Trout and Tim Stoddard.

We will update this list once further names are leaked or the list becomes official!