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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ultimate Chicago Cubs Name Scramble Fun

The list below is of Cubs old and new, Hall of Famers, MVPs, Cy Young Award Winners, Rookie of the Year recipients, managers, fan favorites and a few obscure.

How many can you get?

  1. Tire Ink Racer (MGR)
  2. I Wily Slim Ball (OF)
  3. Beginner Threw For (P)
  4. Knees Brain (INF)
  5. Angry Benders (INF)
  6. Robbery in Bed (OF)
  7. Ya Moms Ass (OF)
  8. Hates Gym Wart (OF)
  9. Lent Berg Neck (INF)
  10. Frankly He Trows (P)
  11. Can Start Rolls (INF)
  12. Zany Thin Orzo (INF)
  13. Max Drugged (P)
  14. So Abnormal Czar (P)
  15. Rubble Clink (INF)
  16. Broil My Handler (C)
  17. Gave Mankind (OF)
  18. True Rest Cub (P)
  19. Yak And Fop (OF)
  20. A Demon Hurl (INF)
  21. Issue A Loom (OF)
  22. One Cry (INF)
  23. Rubbery Comb (OF)
  24. Truest Vote (P)
  25. Crueler Hicks (P)
  26. Keg Car Ram (INF)
  27. Onward Sedan (OF)
  28. Radar Smoke (INF/OF)
  29. Refine Kens Jig (P)
  30. Bad Turkeys (MGR)
  31. Barnyard Wine (INF)
  32. I Luff Crickets (P)
  33. Elm Heist (P)
  34. Not Sonar (INF)
  35. Bedrock (P)
  36. A Sick Error (INF)
  37. Husk Arena (OF)
  38. Blur Cook (OF)
  39. Amazed Jiff Jars (P)
  40. Onto Voyages (C)
  41. Roof Onion Salsa (OF)
  42. Yo Red Work (P)
  43. A Trendy Sperm (P)
  44. Reek Elder (INF)
  45. La Lineup Oil (MGR)
  46. Marina Oar Crap Rag (INF)
  47. Arwy Labor (INF)
  48. Real Women Jot (OF)
  49. Splat A Pimp (P)
  50. No Hast Sundown (INF)
  51. Attorney Corpse (OF)
  52. Let Idyll (P)
  53. Lawn Cave (INF)
  54. Damn All Rosin (OF)
  55. Drench Hair (P)
  56. Ragtag Yeti (INF)
  57. Endorses King (INF)
  58. Many Taco Nap (OF)
  59. Scanners To Dots (P)
  60. Bear For Toy (C)

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