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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My Favorite Cubs Convention Regulars

The 2014 Cubs Convention was the 20th I've attended and over the years, I have met a bunch of cool people and, along with my sister, friend and his dad, have compiled a list of the memorable folks we see every year.  The first person we usually see is the the Assassin.  The Assassin usually wears a 3/4 length sleeved Cubs t-shirt and carries a hard-sided briefcase.  I have never seen inside the brief case but can only assume it has a custom foam insert to hold each of the pieces of one of those guns that has to be put together.  I'm sure he also has a nice selection of silencers.

For years there was a guy that looked like singer Michael McDonald that once had the audacity to wear a White Sox jacket to the Convention.  We never saw him break into "Sweet Freedom" but wished he had.  Michael McDonald has not been seen at the convention for some time so luckily Edgar Winter has shown up to take his place.

Edgar Winter decides whether to get in the Tim Stoddard autograph line.
The list of regulars also includes, among others, the Blind Mole, Bathrobe Guy, Reverse Helmet Hair Lady, Terre Haute, Rat Face Guy, the Chipmunk, Ethan the Go Getter and the guy that looks like my cousin Jimmy.

My hands down favorite, however, will always be Leather Pants. 

Note the sweet leather pants.
This guy is the epitome of awesome.  First and foremost, he always wears leather pants.  Second, he looks like Gargamel.  Third, he always wears the souvenir Convention sweatshirt the whole weekend.  Fourth, he scurries from place to place.  Finally, he is needlessly aggressive getting autographs and I have personally seen him told to back off by Jim Frey, Mickey Morandini and Jim Hendry.

Who are your favorites?