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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Implications of a Potential Lockout on the 2017 Cubs Convention

As you may know, the current Collective Bargaining Agreement between the club owners and players is set to expire on December 1, 2016 and in advance of the deadline, the owners' camp has leaked that they would consider a lockout if the sides could not reach a timely agreement.  Essentially the opposite of a strike, a lockout would have the owners refusing to allow the players to be present at the workplace, such as Wrigley Field or the spring training facilities in Arizona.

As in all negotiations, it is not yet clear how much of this threat is bluster or posturing; however, if such a lockout is actually implemented, the ramifications for the 2017 Cubs Convention would be striking.  Most likely, a lockout would mean that current players would be refused entry to the Sheraton to participate in the Convention.

Baseball has enjoyed an extended period of relative labor peace, with the last strike having occurred in 1994.  This labor strife was so dramatic that the postseason was canceled (sorry Expos!) and the strike lasted until April 2, 1995, causing a delay to the start of the 1995 season.  The Cubs held the annual Convention in January of 1995, however, despite the ongoing strike.  

Because the labor dispute was between owners and the players, none of the rostered players were in attendance at the 1995 Convention.  Accordingly, all of the autograph sessions and panel presentations featured only retired players, front office personnel, coaches and broadcasters.  Jim Riggleman, the Cubs' newly hired skipper, was in attendance for the 1995 Convention but no active players.

Hopefully, there is no work stoppage as baseball tries to build on an exciting postseason and the Cubs having taken the world by storm.  The 2017 Convention just would not be the same if our championship Cubs players were not there to keep the party going.  


  1. What things will they sign at the cubs convention like a ball a bat a glove I am having a hard time finding out what I should bring to the convention

  2. They will sign anything you place before them. I have them sign my jersey, my wife has them sign our cubs quilt. This year I'm bringing a bunch of World Series action photos to get signed. Provide your own sharpee/pen or you're out of luck.