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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

2010 Convention Food Report

The Food and Drink

This year there was only one food vendor on the convention floor. There used to be several choices in the past, so I cannot be sure whether we should expect an exclusive food provider in the future. Interestingly, this vendor touted on their banner that they cater weddings. That is sweet if you plan to serve hot dogs and nachos at your wedding reception.

They did not have any breakfasty-type items such as donuts or bagels. Boo. Next year maybe you could remember breakfast for us, especially vanilla long johns.

The lines were too long on Saturday around lunchtime so we went upstairs and got giant slices of Connie's pizza for $4 from the hotel, which seemed reasonable. They also had full pies for $20, which again seemed reasonable for convention prices.

Working against the food vendor was a stand giving out samples of bison hot dogs and bison sausage containing rice and asiago cheese. Sweet mama was this stuff good and they let you have as much as you wanted. Plus, bison is good for you. They claimed the bison dogs will be available at Wrigley this season.

Rock Star was giving out samples of lemonade (tasty) and cola (nasty.)

Harry Caray's had samples of a Harry Caray's restaurant branded root beer that was very good.

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